Quality and Safety at Radiology Waukesha…

Radiology Waukesha is committed to quality care and patient safety. Each of our physicians is board certified and our group is largely composed of sub-specialty, fellowship-trained experts in their field. The makeup of our group ensures that we have expertise in all areas of radiology.

One way in which we maintain this expertise is through our participation in programs designed to keep our radiologists on the leading edge of technology and safety. A great example of this expertise is seen in our neuroradiology division. Dr. John Grogan, who heads this division, has delivered Radiology Waukesha to the forefront of neuroimaging with functional MR, brain perfusion, and diffusion tensor imaging. This award-winning program demonstrates the expertise that Radiology Waukesha delivers when interpreting your imaging study for your referring physician.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging


Our practice has developed and maintained a number of quality programs as an effort to continually find ways to improve all aspects of care. This is one of the ways in which we set ourselves apart from other radiology groups. Among the many quality assurance programs are measures to ensure that…

  • Results are delivered to your physicians in as little time as possible
  • Critical results are given appropriate urgency and directly communicated on a STAT basis
  • Radiation exposure levels are appropriately low and not drifting upward
  • Fluoroscopy dose utilization is appropriate for each exam type
  • Breast cancer detection rate is within the appropriate range for each physician

Another key differentiator is our dedication to patient safety. Led by Dr. Eric Fisher, Radiology Waukesha has worked tirelessly to maintain quality imaging with the least amount of radiation exposure possible for each individual patient. The impact of these efforts has been the reduction in radiation dose for some of our most highly-performed scans. Some examples of exams for which our dose reduction efforts have been recognized include:

  • CT Scans of the Abdomen
  • CT Scans of the Chest
  • CT Scans of the Pelvis

We have also successfully reduced the administered radiopharmaceutical doses for many of our nuclear medicine studies, such as…

  • Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Positron Emission Tomography (P.E.T. Scanning)

We take quality and safety seriously at Radiology Waukesha. Patients can be assured that when they receive services at one of our locations, no efforts will be spared in making sure that quality and safety in care are at the highest level possible.